I got the idea in a dream!

I really did get the idea of interchangeable jewelry in a dream.  My daughter, at 7, asked me if we could go in my jewelry box and take it all apart.  She was very creative. We did not do that, but it got my brain moving.  In my dream little pieces, which we now call Hoolas, were sliding on a hoop earring and creating different earring designs.  When I woke up my daughter and I began playing with what that would look like.  Now we have over 300 different Hoolas that make into earrings, necklaces and even bracelets. We now have almost 10,000 customers who having a ball designing their own jewelry. I share this only so other women will be encouraged to follow their dreams.  If we can do it so can you!Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."  All you have to do is believe and have faith

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