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First Steps

It matters to us that you have a really great experience when you begin your Hoola Home Business. So we make starting out as simple as possible.

Here's a summary of your early steps, so you can see clearly how your own Hoola story can unfold...

There's a great deal that we simply do for you. To begin with, we provide you with a unique product that sells itself. We also give you superbly professional marketing tools. That's important when you're beginning to introduce new people to Hoola Jewelry: we tell the story for you.

Then, we provide an easy-to-use online "office" that keeps you completely up-to-date with all the numbers that matter to your business, delivering simple reports so you know what's happening at any time.

  1. Meet up with your Hoola Design Representative

    Spend some focused time with your Design Rep and you'll learn how real we are about supporting your success. She will guide you through all the steps to getting your business started. If need be, she'll bring in more experienced Design Reps to help you along.

  2. Get your Starter Kit

    It costs just a little to start, and you'll be excited to receive the attractive package with all the information you need at the beginning.

  3. Get to know the jewelry

    At this stage, you'll choose your first products to show other women. You'll want to be familiar with as much of our beautiful jewelry line as possible. Attending a few parties is a great way to do this.

  4. Find your first Hostess

    Now you need someone to host a Hoola Party. If need be, your first Hoola Hostess could be you! That's fine, but in time you'll want to find others to take this role. We'll show you exactly how this is done.

  5. Learn how to present the Jewelry

    Your Design Representative will be glad to help you in your early presentations. You'll find that showing people how to create their own jewelry is easy and fun..

  6. Earn your first check!

    This is the exciting part... At your first Hoola Party you'll be amazed that you don't have to "sell". People naturally pick the pieces they need as they get excited about designing their own unique jewelry. And with every purchase they make, you'll be earning points that turn into your first commission check.

  7. Share the dream

    Now you know how fun and rewarding your Hoola Home Business can be, it's time to think of other women you know who might like to join you in your new adventure. Again, we'll help you every step of the way as you begin to build your own team of Design Representatives.

Start Today

As you can see, the Hoola Home Business is designed for anyone who loves helping people and sharing beautiful jewelry. Get started today – talk to your Hoola Design Representative or Click Here to sign up now.