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How We Host

At Hoola Jewelry, we make hosting a party as easy possible. All you need do is select a location, invite your friends and prepare the space.

Your Hoola Design Representative will provide all the jewelry, and she will be the one to show your guests how to create their own pieces. She'll also take all the orders and show you how your rewards are calculated.

Where to Host

Most Hoola Parties are hosted at home, but there are other possibilities for you to consider. If you work alongside many other women, you may have access to a space at work you can use. If you live in a residential community or apartment complex, there could be a community center that's ideal for a party. And then it's possible your place of worship would be glad for you to host a party. The choice of location is entirely up to you.

We'll Help You Invite

Inviting your friends can be as simple as a phone call, text message or email. And of course, you can always post news of your party on Facebook. If you'd like to mail invitations to create a bit more impact, we'll gladly provide beautifully designed Hoola invitation cards for you to send.

Preparing the Space

Getting your chosen space ready for the party needn't take much time. You'll want comfortable seating and a well-lit table where guests can explore the choices of jewelry your Design Representative will bring. Pleasant lighting is always a help, and you may want to provide some low-cost snacks and beverages. Naturally, you'll want to make your party a success, and Hoola Jewelry has detailed guidelines to help you create an event your friends will love and remember.

There can't be an easier way to get free jewelry than hosting a Hoola Party — or anything quite so much fun!